What is a Tuned Wind Chime?

What is a Tuned Wind Chime?

Each tube on a wind chime plays an individual musical note when struck by the clapper. For a tuned chime, each tube is checked and individually adjusted to be sure the tube plays the correct note. More generally, careful consideration is put into the number and combination of musical notes on a tuned chime and they are crafted to exacting standards.

Why Choose Music of the Spheres?

Beautiful Tuning: The combination of musical notes for each tuning is artfully designed and each chime tube is individually tuned to A440 (standard orchestral pitch) from an aluminum alloy custom-made for Music of the Spheres.

Great Guarantee: Music of the Spheres (MOTS, for short) tuned wind chimes have a 7-year durability guarantee on the Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, and Westminster chimes and 15-year durability guarantee on the Tenor, Bass, Contrabass and Basso Profundo chimes.

Durable Construction: The tough synthetic cordage used in MOTS chimes is resistant to abrasion, UV degradation, rot, and mildew. The tubes hang from a heavy-gauge stainless steel ring that provides attractive and sturdy support. Each clapper is a solid piece of polyethylene and highly durable. The windcatcher is manufacturer from the same aluminum as the tubes and is easily detachable if you want your chime to play a little less.

Experience: MOTS has been creating chimes since the late 1980’s and selling them via retailers such as Sweet Pickle Pie since 1991. MOTS knows how to make a great chime and every single MOTS chime is created in Austin, Texas from components sourced in the USA.