Price Matching

If you see Music of the Spheres chimes advertised at a price lower than ours, we will beat that advertised price by 5%.


Our advertised prices are the lowest allowed by the Music of the Spheres retailer agreement. If you see a lower advertised price from an authorized dealer then that dealer is not following the rules. Not following the rules is either naughty or sloppy. And, neither naughtiness nor sloppiness shall be rewarded! (You'll have to imagine the sound of the ruler slapping my open palm.)

Send a link to the offending page, or a photo of the advertisement, to and we will beat that naughty price by five percent. We almost certainly have better terms and customer service anyway, so you come out way ahead.

But, of course, there are conditions:

1. Because competitors may attempt to turn our anti-naughtiness against us, we reserve the right to decline to match any price. Yes, we just said we would beat any lower price by 5% and now we are saying, "well, only if we want to." Sorry about that, but at least we didn't bury this in fine print. Don't worry, odds are that the online pricing whoopsie you found will get you a better price from us.

2. We decline to match the inside price of a brick-and-mortar retailer. If you find a MOTS chime you like at a locally-owned store or small chain, buy it and enjoy. We're a small business and we support other small businesses.

3. We will probably decline to meet prices from auction sites and classified ads such as Craigslist.

4. The price we offer as part of the price matching program may not be combined with any other discounts and the purchase may not be made with a gift card. Gift cards have extra costs which prevent their use in this program.